Week 7 Progress

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May 23, 2013 by nicoleantoinette9

Word of the week: Nice: لَطيف (laṭīf)
from: http://wordadayarabic.wordpress.com/

This week was interesting, I put my knowledge to the test! I noticed that since I am learning this language because of my emotional connection I am not pressured or stressed to learn it as quickly. With that said my scores where not as great. I find that I am scared to get the wrong answer by doubting myself every second. My confidence level so far on what I have learned is very low.

Here are the following tests I took on the vocabulary I have studied so far. They were made on quizlet through the flashcards I created. The answers were not the ones I gave, I simply clicked “checked answers” after leaving everything blank – so in other words, the F is not mine.

Questions: Q Testing Arabic numbers 1 -10 _ Quizlet Answers: A Testing Arabic numbers 1 -10 _ Quizlet

Questions: Q Testing set 1 + alphabet _ Quizlet Answers: A Testing set 1 + alphabet _ Quizlet

Questions: Q Testing set 2 Arabic _ Quizlet Answers: A Testing set 2 Arabic _ Quizlet


Although I really enjoyed learning from memrise.com I found that I had to stick to a certain list of vocabulary in order to not be overwhelmed by many resources.

This weeks subject is on non-verbal communication. Regarding the Arab Culture I found a post on this website http://blogs.transparent.com/arabic/non-verbal-communication-greetings/ concerning proper greetings. I find it highly important to learn about the taboos and etiquette along with proper greetings and body language on the language you are learning or the country you are visiting. It is not a great feeling to experience culture shock, so learning before hand is a great relief and preparation to what you might encounter. I went to Dubai once and I remember seeing two men (like in the last picture in the website above) touch noses as a form of greeting. I did experience a faux pas when I was there, since hotels are often seen as the “Western/safe zones” where there are pools and it is ok to be exposed in a bathing suit, my family and I planned on going from one hotel to another. I was dressed in a spagetti strapped sun dress which is inappropriate in their culture. To make a long story short, we made a quick stop at the mall and I felt horrible because I dressed that way. I was seen with disgust, something I would not ever want to experience again. This is just an example of how important it is to learn another’s etiquette. It is also important to not be prideful of your customs, one needs to adapt to other customs to show you respect their culture.

Another great resource which gathers all the important information specifically on Lebanese etiquette and non-verbal language is: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/lebanon.html The subjects are: General information on Lebanon, the people, loyalty to a group, greetings, gift and dinning etiquette, communication styles, and business meetings. I also found this website: http://www.intercultures.ca/cil-cai/ci-ic-eng.asp?iso=lb interesting, if you scroll down to the second question it talks about non-verbal communication. Their main topic is about how close Lebanese people might be when speaking to you. I experienced this with a Lebanese teacher, they is really no personal space which is something very hard for me to get used to. The important aspect to keep in mind about personal space in the Lebanese culture is, as it says in that website, “These actions have no sexual connotations. It only reflects friendliness”.

Do you have any other non-verbal communication regarding the Lebanese culture you would like to share?

See you next time habibi!

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